Becoming JemAdorn - The Vault

Welcome to the Vault. Our limited edition jewelry collections to celebrate our pre-launch. 

 Every company has a story, and every story has a beginning.  The Vault would be the epitome of it all. These pieces remind us of the countless hours and days of back and forth, creating with our design team.  Its a reminder of all the communications with our first ever manufacturer, figuring it all out....The good and the not so good.  Yet, it also reminds us of the beautiful joy both my husband and I experienced when the first shipment was delivered.  It reminds me that I was the girl from a small town in Virginia, with no background in manufacturing, who had an audacious dream to launch a brand that celebrated women...and then actually do it.
"The Vault represents my passion to create beautiful on-trend pieces that were as beautiful, diverse, and unique as the women who wore them.  Styles on-trend and timeless...elegant, bold, and effortless.  This is the Vault." - Catherine 
The Vault showcases pieces designed from our beginning, our journey to Becoming JemAdorn. So as we prepare for the next chapter of JemAdorn, we present to you these 5 limited-edition collections that make up the Vault.

Whether you love sassy statement jewelry, daily delicates, or fun and playful, the Vault has something you'll love, wear, and want to share.

xoxo, Cathy Briggs

Self confidence is the best outfit. Rock it. Own it.