Inspiring Style and Activating Confidence

We create products that celebrate the journey of a woman
becoming and the joy of when she becomes.
We're a modern jewelry, accessories, and lifestyle brand, with family values, building an inclusive space where women like you can feel inspired, confident, beautiful, and stylish! We're all about making an impact in our communities and empowering women to design the life they love.
Here you'll find we make products that are cleverly curated for self expression, customization, story telling, and personalization. Our voice is real, raw, and authentic. A place to celebrate sisterhood, personal growth, the side hustle! Look for inspiring content and announcements of exciting new product lines along the way....but for now enjoy our Vault pieces, to introduce you to our brand and story.
My husband and I founded JemAdorn to do what we both love to do - empower women. To be able to not only inspire women through the fashion and beauty industry, but to be able to activate their confidence.
With the high level of business and financial stress during the process of building JemAdorn, many would have given up. Yet, we developed a never give up mentality. We were the tortoise in the race, but we never stopped advancing.
When you shop JemAdorn, you're not simply making a purchase, but behind each piece of custom jewelry, accessory, charm, etc., is a powerful story of overcoming adversity, disrupting the status quo, and building a place for all women to belong. Each purchase supports and our impact efforts to activate confidence in women around the world.
We hope our brand, products, and community inspires you, and bring you tons of joy. Remember...You're a JEM!
-Catherine Briggs